Jessica Lee, sex worker


Jessica Lee chose to be a sex worker. In her testimonial, she insists that she isn't a victim, that she had no pressure. However, she must tell her story with a blurred face to hide her identity because there is too much contempt and discrimination in the context of a law that wants to criminalize the purchase and sale of sexual services.

In fact, according to Jessica, Bill C-36, aims to forbid her to clearly and frankly advertise the sexual services she accepts to provide, which could lead to communication problems between her and the clients. To ensure safer practices, Jessica uses the web to promote her business. It allows her to be in contact with sex worker organisations, check to see if potential clients are listed in bad-date lists and lists of aggressors, and to be in control of her image.

She draws our attention to the difference between sex trafficking and sex work. She believes that the government should focus on the fight against sex trafficking instead of harping on consenting adults.

Nevertheless, Jessica believes that there are several ways to improve working conditions in the sex industry. Health insurance, licensing, hot lines for sex workers, and social services for trans people are among the ideas she would have liked to see proposed in terms of a new framework.

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