« Gains and Challenges »: A New HIV/AIDS Awarenesss Campaign

COCQ-SIDA launched on December 1st 2014, their new HIV/AIDS awareness campaign. Posters and videos highlight the faces of people living with HIV/AIDS, and discrimination they still encounter.

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Life insurance
This person reports his difficulty to access life insurance because of his health, even if, today, the life expectancy of people living with HIV is more than 70 years.

Medical care
Professional health care workers know how HIV is transmitted and how to use precautions to prevent transmission. However, people living with HIV are still rejected or mistreated by medical carers.

Treatments are available for people living with HIV who want to have an HIV-negative baby. However, this woman living with HIV declares she experiences stigma every time she talks about wanting to become a mother.

Daily life
Two men living with HIV give testimonials about being rejected in their daily lives because of their HIV-positive status. Yet we know that daily activities such as sharing food or holding hands are not modes of HIV transmission.

Active living
A person living with HIV can have an active and healthy life. However, the obstacles to get there, such as mental health difficulties and discrimination when seeking employment make it difficult to return to normal life.


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