Kate Iselin: Sex Work, Feminism and Empowerment

V-77 Kate Iselin temoignage

In her testimonial, Kate Iselin shares the ways in which sex work affected her as a woman. She points out that there are as many sex workers than there are motivations to practice sex work. For her, it's the high tuition fees, lack of income, and the feeling of stagnating professionally that motivated her to try sex work, while completing her studies. She notes that regardless of the reason, all sex workers want to work.

Kate reveals that her plan did not work out as she had intended. She put a stop to her studies, became an author and discovered feminism while pursuing sex work. Kate says she became a feminist through sex work. Her work allowed her to broaden her horizons and create new experiences for herself. She stresses that the freedom that comes with her job is due to the efforts of her colleagues who have fought for sex worker's rights.

She hopes to add her voice to the fight against the criminalization of all forms of sex work. Kate wants to share her story in order to reach other young individuals and reduce the sex work related stigma. Without encouraging or discouraging sex work, she notes that regardless of choice, we must not be ashamed.

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